Comparison: Thai language YouTube teachers

While living in Thailand since late 2017, I have been studying Thai daily: 5 months in a language school, a couple of meetings with a private teacher, by praticing Thai in my everyday life, and of course, by YouTube.

Below, I have listed some YouTube Thai teachers with a short evaluation. All these teachers have helped me a lot in learning Thai, thus a big thank you for all. The criteria for choosing exactly these teachers are: they have published something within last 12 months, they teach by English, and they have more than 50 videos published. 

The videos are in no specific order.

1. Thai with Mod

Teacher: Mod
Number of videos: 120

Teaching skills  ****
Screenplay *****
English pronunciation ***** 

Quality of videos
A variety of topics and dialogues   
Clear pronunciation both in English and Thai 

Sometimes the tempo is a little bit slow. 

2. ThaiPod101 

Teacher: Jay
Number of videos: 540

Teaching skills  ***
Screenplay ****
English pronunciation **** 

Hundreds of videos
Fun and engaging

too much selling of ThaiPod101  

3. Kruu We Teach Thai

Teacher: Wee
Number of videos: 140

Teaching skills  **
Screenplay **
English pronunciation * 

Practical topics with a smile.  
You are able to ”see” the spelling

The teacher is way too close to camera.   

4. Speak Thai Easy 

Teacher: Nun
Videos: 273

Teaching skills  *****
Screenplay ***
English pronunciation ** 

An efficient ”old school” teaching style.  
Teaching of writing Thai works well.

I just don’t like the word “easy” spoken as ”eaSYYY”…    

5. Thai with Sarah 

Teacher: Sarah
Videos: 61

Teaching skills  *****
Screenplay ****
English pronunciation ***** 

You will learn not only language but Thai culture too.   
Speciality: Live videos!
A very natural way for teaching and interacting 

The quality and composition of videos could be better. 


Stuart Jay Raj

If you like to have a more academic and linguistic approach, and understand the talk of the anatomy of human voice organs, watch some of Stuart Jay Raj’s videos 

Kruu Ja

If you have decided to learn the Thai alphabet, I’d highly recommend some of Kruu Ja’s videos in ThaiPod101 channel. She speaks perfect English, which makes following the videos pleasant. Ja also has Weekly Words videos, not added recently, though.